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Hardy Project Marketing Group, along with our team of Project Sales Advisors, offer tailored marketing and sales services to new home developers in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Region.

With over 20 years of real estate experience, our team is equipped to bring land to life in one of Canada’s most thriving regions.

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Core Services We Offer Our Clients

Site Acquisition

Sourcing your development sites is a fundamental stage to property development. We have systems in place to manage your site acquisition process. From knowing where to look, what community plans to consider, what red flags to watch out for, who you need to contact, and the strategies for finding off-market sites. Our team works with due diligence to identity and source your land opportunities.

Development Concept Advisory

We will take your vision one step further with a thorough analysis of what the market will support. This means we will assess everything to do with the site, like physical and socio-economic impacts of the community. This includes legal/physical constraints, city planning considerations, design, demographic studies, feasibility studies and product offering considerations.

Project Marketing

All channels of marketing your project will be tailored to maximize exposure to qualified buyers. We provide our clients with a comprehensive Marketing Strategy that seizes growth opportunity. This means, we will conduct a thorough market analysis to determine your project’s value proposition, key brand messaging, data on the target demographics, and other high-level digital and on-site marketing essentials.

Development Sales

Hardy Project Marketing Group, along with our team of project sales experts, offer specialized marketing and sales services to New Home Developers. We are a highly trained team with a laser focus on achieving sales successes. We believe that a strong sales strategy builds the foundation for a successful development, and our focus is to align our Sales Team to your project’s long-term goals.


From contract completion, to closing, to move-in, Hardy Project Marketing Group ensures that our buyers experience executive level customer service and a customer journey that is straightforward and smooth. We work with the utmost integrity to ensure that our clients are satisfied and that our buyers start their new journey impressed and well taken care of.

Client Care

Throughout the entire sales journey, from beginning to completion, it is of the utmost importance to our team that you are experiencing client care that exceeds expectations. Once we successfully sell your development, the work doesn’t stop there. From creating reports that highlight the project’s successes, transferring relevant data, and ensuring a smooth transition upon sales completion.

We chose to work with Hardy Project Marketing Group because of their extensive local market intelligence, vast local connections and overall sales momentum. We experienced a professional team fully focused and committed to their marketing strategy to drive our sales goals and sell our project.

Paul Grewal

I fully endorse Hardy Project Marketing Group and their experienced marketing team to be involved with site and project sales and marketing.

Hans Edstrand

Hardy Project Marketing Group has many years of proven sales and marketing experience throughout the Fraser Valley. I have recommended him to all of my best clients. I can say with complete confidence that this company has the people and systems to drive the results my developer clientele require.

Randy Regier


Exceeding Expectations in Every Avenue

What sets us apart is our localized expertise, enabling us to foster deep relationships with both Realtors and the community. Our collaborative approach ensures a quality product aligned with market demands. With our experienced team of industry experts, we guarantee your developments will benefit from targeted positioning, innovative campaigns, high sales absorptions, and an unmatched customer experience.

Our commitment is to exceed your expectations, master market conditions, and tailor promotional campaigns for optimal revenue. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how Hardy Project Marketing can elevate your vision to new heights.

Meet our team of

Miranda Hardy

President & Realtor ®

Athena Leskun

Marketing Director, UA

Shelby Mason

Administrative Manager, UA

Sheena Schwab

Administrative Coordinator, UA

Heather Foreman

Project Consultant

connecting developers to their NEW community

We are Your
Neighbourhood Experts

We pride ourselves on being more than just marketers;
we are your neighborhood experts, deeply woven into the fabric of the community. Our seasoned and sophisticated approach transcends traditional marketing boundaries. At [Your Company Name], we excel in not just bringing developers' visions to life but enriching them to establish a robust, long-term presence within the community. This strategic foundation empowers our developers to compete more effectively and allows us to reimagine the home buyer's journey. Choosing us means more than marketing; it means partnering with a team intimately familiar with the heartbeat of your community, ensuring your vision becomes an enduring reality.

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Offering Clients an
Elevated Experience​

From contract completion to closing, to move-in, Hardy Project
Marketing Group ensures that your Buyers experience executive-level customer service and a customer journey that is straightforward and smooth. We work with the utmost integrity to ensure clients are satisfied and buyers start their new journey impressed and well taken care of.

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